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SUBSTITUTE AGENDAS November 27, 2017

Dear Substitute,

Thank you for being here.  My classes and students are wonderful.  I have sent students a Remind message with their agendas and a reminder to check this site for instruction.  

In the English classes students are working on an Independent Reading project requiring them to bring, read, and annotate in their novel make an entry into a reading log(They can use their composition books for today).  They should be sharing their entry with an elbow partner.  They may work in pairs and are expected to complete their annotations for the next day.  Some students may be finished or finishing their novels.  They will be completing a SOAPSSTone (click to print if necessary) organizer for a current event related to the theme of their novel.  They are allowed to use computers to search for their article.  Today, students must complete the "CHECK YOUR UNDERSTANDING" on page 86 of their textbook by the end of the period.  They are also assigned TO READ "AN INDIAN FATHER'S PLEA" ON PAGE 89 AND MARK THEIR CONFUSION. 

In the journalism classes students are working to produce the school newspaper and the online site.  The students are all working on articles, photos, and illustrations.  THEY SHOULD BE CONDUCTING PEER REVIEWS TODAY. Their assignments will take all of their time as they are on a pressing deadline. Today, students need to search for a story on or or and write a 1 page reflection responding to some part of the story or to the entire story.

If there are any concerns please feel free to contact me at  

Thank you again.

P.S. I have sent remind messages to students and their families about my absence and their instructions.

D. Cottom

Period 1 - Journalism 1

Warm-Up:  CNN Student News - You may start the projector daily after attendance and the play

Peer Reviews/Revision - Students are working on writing stories and should be working together to type, peer edit, and revise stories. Students are allowed and expected to used computers to research, plan, write and revise their stories.

For MONDAY:  PERIOD 1 STUDENTS need to find at least 1 current event from or or and read, watch, tweet or save it.  Then, pick a passage or some part of the story and respond to it in a 1-page handwritten reflection. Does not need to be double-spaced.  This is due at the end of the period.

HW - Watch, Read, or Listen to 30 minutes of news.  Write and revise story.

Period 2 English 10 -  Period 2, Period 5, Period 6 Honors English 10

Daily Agendas for Periods 2, 5, 6

Daily Warm-Up: SSR 15 Minutes + log(use composition book today) and share with a partner their log entry.

Students may complete either: 

1.  Work with a partner to complete CHECK YOUR UNDERSTANDING FOR PAGE 86.

2. Annotate in the Independent Reading novel.  (Students may also work on SOAPSSTone for the article for their novel if they are finished annotating.)

Students who have completed their SOAPSSTone and who are finished with reading and annotating their novel have priority using the computers. 

HW - Read 30 minutes in novel. Complete any unfinished annotations/readings from your novel.  They are also assigned TO READ "AN INDIAN FATHER'S PLEA" ON PAGE 89 AND MARK THEIR CONFUSION. 

Period 4 - Journalism 2 (School Newspaper)

Student Leaders:  Editor in Chief: Miguel Moran

Editors will run class.  Students are actively engaged in production of the school newspaper and are working to meet deadlines.  Students have "Press Passes" and are expected to come and go from the class to schedule interviews or check facts for stories or to take photographs.  Students are allowed and expected to use computers.  

Thanks to you and my students for you help.

Welcome to the website for Mr. Cottom's CyberEnglish, Journalism and Communication classes.  This website is intended to provide students a portal to materials, resources, and tools to improve their educational experience.

     Every day offers new opportunities and challenges.  Today, you [students] have great opportunities to leave an exciting legacy to those who will follow your classes as you prepare for the limitless opportunities of your very near future.  I hope that each student will look deep inside to find the strength and determination to excel as you prepare for the exciting year ahead.  

- Mr. Cottom


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