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SUBSTITUTE AGENDA November 9, 2016 

Dear Substitute,

Thank you for being here.  My classes and students are wonderful. .  

In the English classes students are working on an Independent Reading project requiring them to bring, read, and annotate in their novel each day and make entries into a reading log.  They should be sharing their entries with a reading elbow partner.  

In the journalism classes students are working to produce the school newspaper and the online site.  The students are all working on articles, photos, illustrations, and practice assignments.  Their assignments will take most of their time over the next week.

If there are any concerns please feel free to contact me at  

Thank you again.

D. Cottom

Period 1 - Period 4 - Period 5 Honors English 10

Daily Agenda for Periods 1, 4, 5

Wednesday, November 9:  

Daily Warm-Up: SSR 20 Minutes + log and share with a partner their log entry.

Students close read & annotate using their post-its in their own novels.   

  • Write a 2 chunk paragraph that analyzes literary or rhetorical devices found during their annotation, double spaced. Due at the end of the period.
  • PROMPT:  Write a two-chunk paragraph that analyzes a passage you annotated in your novel.  TS-CD-CM-CM-CD-CM-CM-CS

HW-Read and annotate in novel.

Period 3 Journalism 2 School Newspaper

Students are working on writing and revising articles and having peer reviews.  Students in this class are expected to use computers to print and work on news pages.  Students may use press passes to leave class for interviews or photos.

Period 6 Journalism 1 

Students are working on articles for Jaguar Times online.  They should be typing and revising stories and having peer reviews.

Welcome to the website for Mr. Cottom's CyberEnglish, Journalism and Communication classes.  This website is intended to provide students a portal to materials, resources, and tools to improve their educational experience.

     Every day offers new opportunities and challenges.  Today, you [students] have great opportunities to leave an exciting legacy to those who will follow your classes as you prepare for the limitless opportunities of your very near future.  I hope that each student will look deep inside to find the strength and determination to excel as you prepare for the exciting year ahead.  

- Mr. Cottom


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